Chimney & Fireplace Repair

Is your chimney or fireplace broken, chipped, or leaking?

If your chimney or fireplace has a problem that requires a
repair, America One in Hayfield, VA can fix it.

Our chimney repair services include a one-year labor warranty and a ten-year to lifetime warranty on products used in the repair.

At America One Chimney Sweeps in Hayfield, VA, we provide safe, thorough, and long-lasting chimney repairs and fireplace repairs at great rates.

Chimney and/or fireplace damage is usually found through our cleaning and inspection service, but a repair can be needed at any time as a result of water penetration, weather damage, flue obstructions, or creosote build-up.

If you’ve recently experienced a chimney fire or have noticed that your chimney is not venting properly, you probably need to have your chimney and/or fireplace repaired and serviced.

Chimney damage that we repair includes:

  • Chimney crown repair

  • Chimney flue repair

  • Chimney flashing repair

  • Fireplace repair


With our certified chimney repair services, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the cozy warmth of your fireplace without needing to worry about risking the safety of your home.

Contact us at America One Chimney Sweep in Hayfield, VA to schedule your chimney and/or fireplace repair today!