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Chimney Sweep: Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Inspection, Chimney Maintenance, & Chimney Repair Services in Alexandra, VA

At America One Chimney Sweeps in Alexandra, VA we specialize in Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning, Inspection, Maintenance, & Repair Services for your Virginia home.

CCP is one of our certifications Certified Chimney Professional™ and CCR Certified Chimney Reliner™ these certifications show that we are trained to inspect, diagnose and repair any chimney according to (National Fire Prevention Association) NFPA 211 Code book.

America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA
America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA
America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA

America One Chimney Sweeps Services

America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA

Chimney Inspections Fireplace Inspections

We perform the various levels of inspections as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 211).

America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA

Chimney Cleaning & Fireplace Cleaning

Our detailed services include a thorough brushing of your chimney’s interior that will remove any soot or blockage that may restrict airflow, including creosote.

America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA

Chimney Repair & Fireplace Repair

If you’ve recently experienced a chimney fire or have noticed that your chimney is not venting properly, you probably need to have your chimney and/or fireplace serviced.

America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA

Chimney Re-lining

Prevent your chimney from catching fire by re-lining. Liners help in the prevention of heat transfer to combustibles and they protect your masonry from corrosion.

America One Chimney Sweeps | Alexandra, VA

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regular dryer vent cleaning is essential to the safety of your home. Yes, while cleaning the lint out of your filter after every load is important, lint is likely still collecting inside your dryer vent.

About America One Chimney Sweep

With more than fifteen years of experience, we at America One Chimney Sweeps in Alexandra, VA understands that your family, your home, and their safety and well-being are your top priority.

Our ultimate goal is to provide chimney sweep and repair services that are effective and thorough in order to reduce the risk of fire hazards for you and your family as well as help your chimney and flue system last longer. Our services include sweeping, cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for your chimney and fireplace.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Professional and Excellent Job

We use our fireplace a lot and it was pretty dirty. Called them up this morning and they had someone out here on the same day. Terry was our tech— very courteous and professional and did an excellent job. I have used other chimney cleaning companies and I could barely tell they did anything afterward. After Terry finished, the firebox looked cleaner than it ever had before. Thanks for the great service!!

~Mark W.

We Have Been Customers for 4 Years

The staff was knowledgeable, professional, and worked as quickly as possible. They used coverings for their shoes and faces. Very respectful all the way around.

~Michelle S

Respectful of COVID Concerns

Very responsive and they let me know of a more accurate arrival time early enough so that I didn’t have to plan my day around them. Additionally, they are very straightforward on pricing and didn’t try to upsell. Will use their services again in the future.

~D Cas

Great Team!

The team was quick and efficient. They really looked at the chimney flue, took pictures, and analyzed what they saw for any cracks, water damage, etc. They were very friendly and personable.

~Mary H